Slight Delays With Posting – Busy Working On New Design!

I’ve talked about doing a new design here, here, and here in the past. One of my goals for this year is to actually go through and launch it! I’m currently working with a developer now to get this done…the actual design aspect is 95% complete. The design (just the homepage) has been HTMLized and integrated into WordPress. \r\n\r\nNow we’re working on doing some of the custom stuff that I need done. Once that’s complete we’ll work on getting the actual sub pages (like a post page) HTMLized and integrated into WordPress. After this is done, we’ll be going through other pages to make sure all looks good (ex: category pages, archives, etc), importing all the old data into it, doing a bunch of testing…as well as updating (this will make more sense when it’s launched), and then hopefully launching it.\r\n\r\nI’m really hoping to have the new site launched this month as it is the one year anniversary of my blog…and what a great way to celebrate that! I think you guys will really like the new look and feel! For now a teaser will have to do:\r\n\r\n

Beta teaser image

  1. Michael Kwan

    03/05/2008 8:04 pm

    I’m definitely digging the overall style of the new design over the current one, but don’t you find that it looks a little dark? White text on a black background is so 1999.

  2. David Pitlyuk

    03/05/2008 8:10 pm

    C’mon now Michael! I can design web pages as a profession…Trust me in that it’s not what you think if you think it’s white text on a black background ;)\r\n\r\nShoot me an e-mail with your AIM or GTalk and I can show you a full preview. I’d like to get your thoughts anyway.

  3. Derek

    03/06/2008 7:04 pm

    Based on the previews that I have seen previously, I am looking forward to the release of the new theme.

  4. Christoph

    03/09/2008 12:14 am

    I like the colors and the parts visible in the image. Do you have a release date in mind?

  5. David Pitlyuk

    03/09/2008 4:54 pm

    @ Christoph – I’m hoping to have something launched by this month

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