Dodge Viper Coupe With Matching Helicopter

This was brought to my attention by my roommate Jason who owns a 93 RT/10 Dodge Viper. He was browsing the Viper forums and happened to come across a thread he knew I would like. Check out this picture of a new Viper SRT Coupe with matching helicopter:\r\n

Dodge Viper Coupe with matching helicopter


Look closely and you’ll see a M60-D door gun hanging out. Apparently the guy that owns the Viper and chopper is the owner of Northwest Helicopters, a company that specializes in rebuilding helicopters. Here’s a picture of their oh so sweet facility, with 16 helipads:


Northwest Helicopters 18 helipad facility


They were building up the yellow helicopter for a show (I believe it was the Heli-Expo), and they wanted one that would stand out of the crowd. So they all got in a car and drove around all the new car lots looking for a color that stood out, which happened to be yellow. They said the best yellow they could find was Viper Racing Yellow, which was the color of the owners new Viper. They got the paint codes for the yellow and silver, painted the helicopter to match, and attended the show in Orlando, FL. According to the owner, the paint scheme was a big hit. I found a picture of the chopper at the actual trade show on display.


Helicopter at 2007 Heli-Expo

  1. Wealth Building Lessons

    03/21/2007 8:10 pm

    thats one sweet ride!\r\n\r\nalthough, one of my friends had a viper and he said ‘it was like driving a tin can with an engine!’

  2. David Pitlyuk

    03/21/2007 8:12 pm

    I had a Viper for about 6 months, I wouldn’t say that’s an exact description…but it is very “Dodge-like” on the interior. The power is ridiculous though, and it’s still a very fun car to drive. I plan on getting another one (this time a GTS instead of an RT/10) at some point.

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