Book Review: Affiliate Millions – Make a Fortune Using Search Marketing On Google And Beyond

Affiliate Millions BookI’ve recently been trying to learn as much as I can about affiliate marketing. Not only are a bunch of people I read on the internet making a ton of money doing it, it’s also helpful knowledge for my own pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns that promote my various businesses. As of right now, I’m like a sponge, just trying to read as much as I can about it since nobody I personally know can show me the ropes. One of the affiliate marketing blogs I read is The Affiliate Toolbox, which is done by Scott Weaver. In a recent post, he reviewed a book by the name of Affiliate Millions which he quotes:\r\n

Much like the last book I reviewed, Moonlighting On The Internet, this book is all about Affiliate Marketing (as you might have guessed from the title). The major difference is that this book is completely geared toward the newbie. In fact, the authors divulge full knowledge about various campaigns

\r\nI’d consider myself a semi-newbie when it comes to affiliate marketing! Therefore I decided to head to my local Borders and give the book a shot.\r\n\r\nThe book is a pretty easy read, I finished it in pretty much 2-3 days of reading…and I don’t really read books all that too often. So my impressions of it is that it is in fact geared very much towards newbies…those that don’t really know anything about affiliate marketing or pay-per-click. The book is semi-outdated, which is somewhat reasonable considering how quickly things change on the internet.\r\n\r\nI found some of the personal stories intriguing, but I got the book to learn some new things….and I walked away not really feeling like I learned too much. I could see how it would be extremely useful for somebody that knows nothing, as it even goes through the steps of making accounts to advertise on the three big contextual networks (Google, Yahoo!, and MSN)…but as I mentioned, I only consider myself a semi-newb. The main thing that turned me off slightly was the author had done most of his PPC campaigns by making ads that go right to the company’s landing page…and not his own. From what I’ve been learning, you pretty much have to make your own landing pages.\r\n\r\nFinal Thoughts: While I didn’t feel like I learned too much, if you are just thinking about getting into PPC and affiliate marketing, but know nothing..consider this book. If you know some stuff, or consider yourself fairly internet savvy (Like I would hope most of my readers are 🙂 ), I would just do research online and find the basic information out. There are plenty of blogs and forums that cover many of the basic topics for free. Note though, that the book was intriguing enough for me to read through the entire thing, and you always do learn a couple things here and there.

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