A New Way To Monetize Embedded Video With Prerollr

prerollr logoA new company just launched that allows for a new simple way to monetize videos that are embedded on your site. Prerollr essentially works by overlaying an ad onto a video, and offering the publisher a revenue share. The ads are not video, it’s just a regular ad over the video, and requires the user to click a close button in order to get rid of it. As a publisher you can choose whether you want prerollr to display 100% of the inventory or just 25% of the inventory. Here’s an example of what the ad would look like over a YouTube video:\r\n

Example of prerollr

\r\nIf you want to see a live example, I’ve implemented prerollr on VideoExperiment.com. I’ll report back and let you guys know how it does from a revenue perspective. As of right now, the reporting system doesn’t even get released until tomorrow (at the time of writing this).\r\n\r\nImplementing the ads onto your site is easy, just add one line in your <head> area, and that’s it. Signing up to run the ads takes about 1 minute, just fill out the form and click a verification link in your e-mail.\r\n\r\nWhat do you think about this?? Is it ok with you?? Or is it too intrusive/annoying?? Do you even realize there is a video behind it?? My personal opinion is that the ad is slightly too big, and may make people not realize there is a video behind it. Either that or maybe make the close button more obvious. Either way, this is a great new opportunity for vloggers to monetize their sites better.

  1. E

    07/18/2007 3:37 pm

    I hate this already! Took me like twenty seconds to figure out what the hell i was looking at and how to close it. Very annoying!

  2. David Pitlyuk

    07/18/2007 3:57 pm

    Yeah, I’ll probably pull it off later this week…I want to see how it does revenue wise. Probably not much though since we don’t get too much traffic. I think it’s too hard to realize there is a video behind it. They should make it so that as you roll your mouse over the video, the ad pops up and then you need to hit the close button.

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