The Ultimate Google AdSense Resource

SmashingMagazine is the king of websites for building compilation lists of some of the coolest stuff on the web. Their newest guide is a list of Google AdSense facts, FAQs, and tools. For somebody like me that hasn’t had much experience with AdSense, I’m trying to take in as much as possible in order to make it as effective as possible for myself. On top of that, I use AdWords for two of my businesses, so it’s always good to see how things work from the other side of the fence.

They have compiled twenty quotes that will help you do things like place your ads on your site so that the click-through rates are higher.

??Format is important for multiple ad units, display your ad units where repeat users will notice them, place a leaderboard immediately after the last post.?

There are some other great links for other resources. For example I found a new tool that I installed for Firefox which displays your AdSense statistics in the status bar:

AdSense status bar for Firefox

There is some great stuff on the site, and will provide hours of good information.

  • GpsNews

    I installed Adsense Notifier some months ago and It’s a great tool for adsense publishers

  • stubsy

    Adsense notifier looks really handy thanks for telling us about it.

    By the way David I linked to you from my site any chance of a link back.

  • David Pitlyuk

    Thanks for the link, I’ll continue to read your blog…and if something comes up that fits into my blog, and I will have no problems linking :D

  • Suraj Sharma

    Hi David ,
    You had done a great job making this useful extension ..

    I linked u on my site and assuming the same from ur side if u don’t mind …

  • David Pitlyuk

    Suraj – It is a great extension, but note that I did not develop it. The guys here did :)