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Display A Text Version Of Your Feedburner Subscribers

All credit for this goes to, I’m simply re-posting because I find this to be extremely useful, and like to note stuff like this on my own blog.

Although recognizable, the Feedburner chicklet that displays the number of subscribers is ehh.  I’d much rather be able to stylize the number itself and fit it into my own design.  Wouldn’t it be nice if you can pull the number out of the chicklet and do whatever you want?  You can, and it’s extremely easy!  You can see I just implemented this on the sidebar on Carbon Fiber Gear:


Of course that number can be styled however you want it using CSS.  So how do you get it?  Simply put this code somewhere in your WordPress template (Mine is in sidebar.php), and make sure to replace the “feedburnerid” with your ID in the $whaturl line:

	//get cool feedburner count
	//Initialize the Curl session
	$ch = curl_init();
	//Set curl to return the data instead of printing it to the browser.
	curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_RETURNTRANSFER, 1);
	//Set the URL
	curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_URL, $whaturl);
	//Execute the fetch
	$data = curl_exec($ch);
	//Close the connection
	$xml = new SimpleXMLElement($data);
	$fb = $xml->feed->entry['circulation'];
	//end get cool feedburner count
	// Use $fb to print out the number of subscribers
	echo 'Join the <i>' . $fb . '</i> subscribers';

You’ll need to make sure the feed count service is activated. To do that, login to your Feedburner account, hit the “Publicize” tab, and then go to to Feed Count. On this page you’ll need to activate the service. There you have it!

My RSS Feed Techniques

RSS feeds have drastically changed the way I browse the internet. I intake so much more data now than I ever have in a much faster way. For my feed reader I use Google Reader, it has been drastically improved since it’s inception, and is arguably the best reader out there. I am subscribed to 39 feeds currently

Google Reader Trends

As you can see, I normally go through at least 300 new blog posts a day during the week. On weekends I usually try to stay and not use the computer as much so I can spend some time with friends or be active. Here’s a breakdown of all the RSS feeds I am subscribed to, feel free to click their name to subscribe yourself:


  • Autoblog
    • This is by far my favorite car-related website. They are owned be Weblogs, which is now owned by AOL. For all car-related information, this is your one-stop spot.
  • Foursprung
    • This blog isn’t updated as often as Autoblog, but offers some good car-technology information every now and then.
  • Nissan Autoblog
    • These are all of the Nissan-specific posts from Autoblog. I usually grab my Nissan news which is specific to me for ActiveTuning from here. The same posts would show up in my Autoblog RSS feed, but this is a safety just in case I missed something.
  • Ultimate Garages
    • This is just a cool site that I’ve seen which profiles “ultimate garages”. I am obsessed with great looking garages as well as great cars. This allows me to gawk over others as well as give me an inspirational outlook for myself :)


  • Entrepreneur Daily
    • This is the blog from Entrepreneur Magazine. They normally post about things that I have read elsewhere, but it’s always interesting to get a couple spins on a subject. I’m a big fan of the magazine, so I get my daily intake from here.
  • HarpzOn
    • This is a new one to my RSS feed. It’s the personal blog for a 24 year old named Mitchell Harper, his blog is a similar to mine in the terms that he is a entrepreneur as well. He started a software development called Interspire, and now has 12 employees and seemingly growing.
  • Harvard Business School Podcast
    • This podcast from Harvard Business School is normally updated about once a week. They talk about different subjects of interest, authors, and more. I figure I may as well listen to what some of the smartest people in the world have to say.
  • Neville’s Financial Blog
    • Nev’s Blog has not been as good as it was when I first caught on, but it is still interesting…even though he has turned commenting off. Basically Nev throws out everything from what he makes from all sources of income, and talks about it. He was one of the first on the net to do this and get acknowledged about it, so I’m sure he has a fairly decent following. The site is more of a fun atmosphere, so it’s nice to get a different tone sometimes.
  • Rohail Rizvi
    • Rohail’s blog is fairly new to me as well. It’s definitely not updated as much as it was when he first started, so we’ll see if actually keeps going with it. Rohail is an entrepreneur that is also a student at Rutgers University. The biggest project on his plate right now is a site he started called, a college student marketplace.
  • Unusual Business Ideas
    • As discussed in my “Making $1,000/Day From A Blog” post, this blog posts obviously unusual business ideas. It’s a great way to see what other people have done to make their ideas successful, and may even spark some of your own.
  • University of Pennsylvania Business School (Wharton) Podcast
    • Like the Harvard Business School podcast, this is similar, but from the guys over at Wharton.


  • CSS Beauty Gallery
    • This site features great looking CSS-based designs. Since I also design websites, this is a great inspiration to me, and it gives me an opportunity to see the latest and greatest.
  • CSS Globe
    • CSS Globe isn’t updated often, but they sometimes post good CSS-related links that may be worth reading.
  • Killer PHP
    • This site hasn’t been updated in a long time, but I add to my reader just in case they do. They have excellent beginner videos for learning PHP, and hopefully at some point continue to do some more.
  • OneTwentySix
    • This is an excellent design firm based out of Long Island, New York. They feature their new work through an RSS feed, and it’s always top notch.
  • Photoshop Lab
    • I subscribe to this site’s tutorial feed for the latest and greatest Photoshop tutorials. Never hurts to keep learning new technique.
  • Smashing Magazine
    • This is a recent add to my reader, but one of the best ones on it. Practically every post they make gets Dugg to the front page. Their posts are very comprehensive, and a must read if you are a web designer.
  • ThinkVitamin
    • ThinkVitamin is a resource for web developers, designers, and entrepreneurs. They post very comprehensive and interesting articles in those topics, and is worth just adding to your reader.

For Sale
If I’m looking for something local for sale, I will setup a Craigslist search query feed in here so I know as soon as it is posted.

  • South Riding Houses
    • I’ve been looking for houses lately in South Riding, VA. It seems like one of the best bang for buck areas in Northern VA. This is an RSS feed for a search query in Craigslist, so I know anything that comes in that area.


  • Nintendo Wii Fanboy
    • Latest and greatest on Nintendo Wii information. I purchased a Wii a couple of months ago, and have had a blast with it.

Miscellaneous Blogs

  • John Chow
  • ProBlogger
    • This is a blog managed by Darren Rowse, it’s all about blogging and how to help you make the most out of your own. Darren is a full-time blogger.
  • Ted’s Take
    • Personal blog for Ted Leonsis, Vice Chairman of AOL. Ted is an amazing person and somebody I look up to, just take a look at his 101 list.
  • Woot!
    • This is an RSS feed for any new products that come up on Woot!, a site that sells 1 product per day. Alternatively you can get the WootAgent which is more accurate in timing.

My Blogs

  • ActiveTuning Blog
    • The blog for one of my companies, ActiveTuning. This blog talks about the latest updates on ActiveTuning products as well as Nissan & Infiniti news.
  • David Pitlyuk Blog
    • The RSS feed for this site! I make sure to subscribe to my own feeds just to make sure all is like good. You should subscribe to.


  • CNN Money
    • This is a feed for CNN, but specifically for their money section. This gives me all of the major financial news updates I need.
  • CNN Money: The Browser
    • Here’s a more personable blog, and even though it’s through CNNMoney, it’s actually written by Fortune Magazine staff. It’s always nice to get a non-news article style twist of a controversial financial/technology topic.
  • TechCrunch
    • A super popular blog (with 368,000+ RSS subscribers) from Michael Arrington. They are mainly known for profiling and reviewing new internet companies. Learn about the latest sites and ideas in the Web 2.0 world, this can spark many ideas for new businesses.
  • Threadwatch
    • This is a blog which focuses on internet marketing and related technologies. I can’t remember how I found this site, but I’ve found many interesting links posted on it, so it’s worthy of being on my RSS feed reader.


  • DailyTech
    • This site was started by an acquaintance I knew from back in the SLCentral days. It was a branch off from the news section on AnandTech, where they decided to start their own tech news site.
  • Digg / Technology
    • I’m sure you all know of Digg, this is a feed of specifically their tech news. You can always find great things that may be hard to find on your own, like tutorials, interesting blog posts from sites you’d normally never go to, and more.
  • Engadget
    • The end all be all on consumer electronics. Engadget is a popular site on consumer electronics, so popular it generated over 10 million pageviews on the day Apple announced the iPhone. The site is an excellent source of information, and the feed allows me to easily browse through what’s going on in the world of technology.
    • The latest headlines at, owned by CNet. I’m a big fan of CNet, in fact I own stock in them.

I mainly use these sites to find new viral videos for one of my blog projects,

  • AOL Video Blog
    • Even though I can’t stand the AOL Video Player (Due to change in the future), they do post a couple hidden gem videos.
  • Digg / Videos
    • A feed of all the popular videos that get Dugg up on Digg. Almost anything that is truly a viral video on the internet will end up going through here, it’s our job to sort it out and pick the best!
    • A random site similar to VE that I happened to find through Digg. They also occasionally find that hidden gem video.
  • ViralVideoChart
    • An automated sites that scans the internet for the most viral videos every 15 minutes.
    • My own feed for VideoExperiment. It’s a full feed, so if you’re using something like Google Reader, you can see most of the videos without even going to the site.

Feel free to post a comment and let me know if there is a site you think I should add to my reader. I always have room for more good feeds.