Nothing Like A Torn Apart Viper In The Garage

I’ve been helping my roommate upgrade the audio system in his Dodge Viper RT/10. We’re installing a Pioneer headunit and Infiniti reference speakers all-around. We’re utilizing the factory amplifiers to work with the new headunit and speakers. The early model Dodge Vipers were all hand-made, so it’s interesting to see everything underneath the panels and appreciate the work that was put into it. I figured you don’t see the insides of a Dodge Viper everyday, so I thought I’d share it with you all:

Dodge Viper interior apart
This is a shot of the interior taken apart

Dodge Viper factory amps
You can see one of the factory amplifiers in the back left corner. These are for the rear speakers, there is another amplifier for the front speakers on the right side of the trunk.

Dave working on install speakers in Dodge Viper
Me working on installing the rear speakers

Rear speakers installed on Dodge Viper
The rear speakers are installed!

Head unit works in Dodge Viper
Testing to make sure the headunit powers up and works, it does! We could find an aftermarket wiring harness for a Viper, so we had to test wires from the factory harness and splice them into the Pioneer harness. We also had to make sure that we had a remote turn-on connected to the factory amplifiers in order for them to turn on when the headunit was turned on.

I’ll be making another update once everything is completed, so be on the lookout.

For anybody interested more about the car, it’s a 1993 Dodge Viper RT/10 (one of the first 500 made) with 20,xxx miles. The following major modifications are on the car:

  • Viper 791XV alarm system with door poppers
  • Bellanger headers
  • Bellanger exhaust system
  • Bellanger cats
  • 3.55 gears
  • Smooth tubes
  • 19″ CCW 505A wheels (not installed yet)
  • Eibach springs