Links Of Interest

Here’s a compilation of some interesting reads from both readers of this blog as well as some select sites from my RSS feeds that I subscribe to.

Would you be interested in getting your site linked in a post like this? Make sure to remain active and post comments on my site, and I’ll keep you in my radar. If something piques my interest, I’ll give it a link in my next compilation.

  • David Bradley

    Thanks for the 3Gb link! Much appreciated. I presume by “peek” you mean “pique”, but what the hey, you gave me a link ;-)

    Dave “Once an editor, always an editor” Bradley

  • David Pitlyuk

    Dave: No problem! And what are you talking about?? It says pique *while I sneakily edit the post* ;)

  • David Bradley

    Heheheh. At least we have the luxury of live edits these days, pity those who made worse mistakes in print!

  • George Appiah

    Hi David,

    I came across your blog site by complete fluke (love the car pix), but became instantly interested in your insightful discussions about business. I am writing because I am young (23) and in the process of starting my own company. You probably get this a lot but is there any advise you could give, if you have time? any insight would be tremendous! If you can, please respond to


  • David Pitlyuk

    Welcome to the blog George. There’s a ton of information, a lot of which I document on this blog. If you have any specific questions, you can always feel free to contact me directly through the contact tab at the top. If it’s a generic enough question, I may make a post about it.

  • David Bradley

    Just for the record GMail is now up to 7 gigs, so you can use my hack to store up to that online now…welcome to the cloud.