Installed RaceDeck Flooring In My Garage…Love It!

One of things has always been to have a killer garage…and that always starts off with cool floors in my opinion. I recently bought a new house (I’ll have some sort of tour post in the future sometime), and it’s now giving me an opportunity to build my dream garage. Stage 1 of course is flooring.

While I was at SEMA back in November, I stopped at one of the booths for RaceDeck, a company that manufacturers garage floor tiles.  They had a great show special, and the final cost would end up being a lot less than if I were to order it myself…so even though I wasn’t necessarily ready to buy, they lured me in.  I’m glad I did.  Installation was a breeze, and the floor looks amazing!  Once the garage is all painted and lighted up, it will look that much better.  Here’s a little picture timeline of the install:

Here’s all the tiles ready to be installed:

Installing RaceDeck floor in my garage

Move all your stuff to one side:

Installing RaceDeck floor in my garage

Here we can see I’m getting started:

Installing RaceDeck floor in my garage

Then I realized I should probably start from the corner:

Installing RaceDeck floor in my garage

It’s growing!

Installing RaceDeck floor in my garage

The most time consuming part was definitely the checkered area, but still not too bad:

Installing RaceDeck floor in my garage

Repeat on the other side, and then done!

Installing RaceDeck floor in my garage

Of course here’s a pic with my baby in it:

Installing RaceDeck floor in my garage

You can order the floor through RaceDeck, as well as design what you want…they have a pretty good designer on their website that will tell you exactly how many tiles of each color you’ll need to order to match your design.  By the way, if you’re thinking that RaceDeck paid me to write this, or I benefit in any way, I am not/don’t.  Just providing a good testimonial for an awesome product and a company that gave me good service.

  • Jeff Reim

    Hi Dave,

    Small world. don’t know if you remember me from around 2002. I had one of your early grills. Hope all is well.

    I am building a barn in my backyard and was researching racedeck and I came upon your blog. Looks good.

    How’s the floor? Can you roll stuff on it pretty easily?


    Jeff Reim

  • David Pitlyuk

    Hey Jeff, definitely small world!

    The floor is awesome, highly recommended! If you’re looking to be able to roll stuff on it, they have a version that is more solid rather than what I got…I would go that direction.