Dining At Central In Washington DC

A little while back I ate at Citronelle, which was rated the #1 restaurant in Washington DC. This time around, we headed over to Central, which is also owned by Michel Richard, and is rated the #4 restaurant in Washington DC. The idea behind Central I believe is to offer unique higher-end food, at a more affordable rate in a more laid back atmosphere.

I started off with Michel??s charcuterie plate, which includes prosciutto, salami, garlic sausage and faux gras:

Michel??s charcuterie plate

Marcel had the filet mignon tar tar and french fries. This was my first time eating beef tar tar, I can’t really say it’s for me.

Filet tar tare

For my entree I had heard the burgers here were amazing, so I had to try it. I was pretty disappointed:


It looks great, and it tasted pretty good, but it wasn’t “amazing”.

Andrew had the filet mignon as his entree, which I tried and thought was decent:

Filet mignon

As usual I forget to take dessert pictures until too late, but I still got a bit. Andrew had the banana split, which was amazing!

Banana split

I had the chocolate mousse, which was also very good.

Chocolate mousse

I’d have to say that we all thought Central was a bit over hyped for what it was. The food was alright, but we thought the desserts were phenomenal. It isn’t anywhere near as expensive as the $1,600 dinner we had at Citronelle, so I still think it’s worth checking out if you’re ever in DC.