69 Good “Media” Logos

In the background I’ve been working on a new brand of company to work as a sort of umbrella company for my endeavors. The name of this company is dPit Media. To start things off, I’m trying to come up with a few logo concepts, and it’s always good to take a look at what’s out there for a source of inspiration.

I went out there and found as many companies as I could find with the word “media” in their name. Out of the hundreds that I looked at, I picked out the best 69 logos. I think that having the name “media” in a company brand is fairly common, so I think this will be a great resource for others.

Stay tuned to the blog (or feel free to subscribe to the RSS feed) for updates regarding my own logo for dPitMedia.

24/7 Real Media
24/7 Real Media logo

1105 Media
1105 Media logo

Adconion Media Group
Adconion Media Group logo

Ariamedia logo

Ashweb Media
Ashweb Media logo

b5 Media
b5 Media logo

Backbeat Media
Backbeat Media logo

Blaze New Media
Blaze New Media

Blueprint Media
Blueprint Media

Bootcamp Media
Bootcamp Media logo

Breeze Media
Breeze Media logo

Casale Media
Casale Media logo

Church Media
Church Media logo

Churchplant Media
Churchplant Media logo

Congruent Media
Congruent Media logo

Digicog Media
Digicog Media logo

Dunamis Media
Dunamis Media logo

E8 Media
E8 Media logo

Ecstatic Media
Ecstatic Media logo

Edvens Media
Edvens Media logo

Evolving Media
Evolving Media logo

Federated Media
Federated Media logo

Fling Media
Fling Media logo

Glacier Media
Glacier Media logo

Glam Media
Glam Media logo

Go Media
Go Media logo

Greentech Media
Greentech Media logo

Gunpowder Media
Gunpowder Media logo

Hyperx Media
Hyperx Media logo

Idearc Media
Idearc Media logo

Imagex Media
Imagex Media logo

Immersive Media
Immersive Media logo

Jello Media
Jello Media logo

Logicbomb Media
Logicbomb Media logo

LS Media
LS Media logo

Manticore Media
Manticore Media logo

Maxgen Media
Maxgen Media logo

Media72 logo

Media Crumb
Media Crumb logo

Media Inspiration
Media Inspiration logo

Medianomaly logo

Media Temple
Media Temple logo

Medicon Media
Medicon Media logo

Millennial Media
Millennial Media logo

Mindset Media
Mindset Media logo

New Brand Media
New Brand Media logo

Premiere Media
Premiere Media logo

Primal Media – Concept for PrimalMedia.com
Primal Media logo

Redux Media
Redux Media logo

Resolution Media
Resolution Media logo

Respiro Media
Respiro Media logo

Resurgent Media
Resurgent Media logo

Right Media
Right Media logo

Sabotage Media
Sabotage Media logo

Shock Media
Shock Media logo

Simplify Media
Simplify Media logo

Sling Media
Sling Media logo

Split Media
Split Media logo

Spring Media
Spring Media logo

Third Screen Media
Third Screen Media logo

Trademark Media
Trademark Media logo

CMP – United Business Media
CMP logo

ValueClick Media
ValueClick Media logo

Vibrant Media
Vibrant Media logo

Virgin Media
Virgin Media logo

Visicom Media
Visicom Media logo

Volo Media
Volo Media logo

Yojo Media
Yojo Media logo

Yul Media
Yul Media logo

If your “media” company wasn’t in here, but you think it should have made the list, feel free to comment below with a link and I’ll check it out. If I find enough more, maybe I’ll do a part two. Also, between the time of writing this and when it actually went live, I’ve come up with my logo for dpitMedia. I’m going for a retro sort of theme, so let me know what you think:

dpitMedia Logo Concept

  • http://dereksemmler.com/ Derek

    What?!? No mention of Red Staple Media? I think your new logo is looking pretty good, I like the retro look.

  • http://www.davidpitlyuk.com David Pitlyuk

    No hard feelings Derek, I considered Red Staple Media, but the logo just didn’t fit my personal requirements. The logo is not bad, I just consider it mediocre.

    On the upside, I’ve submitted your site to FullSingle, which is a site that features websites that are all on one page :)

  • http://www.FowlerDesigns.ca Marc

    Excellent list. I really enjoy logo design, especially the infinitely different ways people solve similar problems. Thanks!

  • http://hellyeahdude.com hellyeahdude.com

    What about media media communications media? That one company about media!

  • http://smashingapps.com SARAH

    wow… overall its a great collection. Thanks for making a huge list.

  • http://www.paintworkzstudio.co.uk Paintworkz Web Design

    Some of these logos are just amazing.
    Truly amazing list of logs.

  • http://www.bootcampmedia.com Ryan Thompson

    Thanks for the pinup for Bootcamp Media. Much appreciated, best of luck!

    Ryan Thompson

  • http://www.lsmedia.com dmerton – LS Media

    Many thanks for the LS Media mention!

  • http://www.essentialmarketer.com John Anderson


    Loving your logo, the retro look is very cool. Just out of interest, what do you think of http://www.essentialmarketer.com?

  • http://www.davidpitlyuk.com David Pitlyuk

    @John Anderson – What specifically about the site do you want an opinion on? The design? The logo?

  • http://www.essentialmarketer.com John Anderson

    @ David,


  • http://www.davidpitlyuk.com David Pitlyuk

    Overall, it looks nice. Not the greatest design in the world, but pretty good.

  • http://www.hyperxmedia.com Alan Pohlman


    Thank you for the reference to HyperX Media and our site, http://www.hyperxmedia.com/. I like your retro logo look. Regards, Alan

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  • http://medianomaly.com Brian

    This is why it pays to Google yourself every now and then. Thanks for the inclusion of Medianomaly in your collection. You made my weekend.


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  • http://reliablenetworks.co.uk/seo.html Tina Demarsh

    Don’t wanna sound like a real critic, but besides Millennial Media logo I didn’t find anything interesting. I wonder how bad logos look like then.

  • http://www.squidoo.com/beware-of-coastal-aire-concepts-scam-alert coastal aire concepts

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